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Estate Sale Services from Caring Transitions in Alexandria, VA and The Surrounding areas

Learn more about our downsizing, estate sale services, online estate auctions, and household liquidation services in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions of Alexandria, VA is your one-stop destination for your transition needs. We specialize in downsizing, estate sale services, and household liquidation services. Our team of specialists will be able to do all the hard works, so you will be able to focus on other important issues. Our team offers free consultations and after the consultation, we will be able to hit the ground running with your project in Alexandria.

Household Liquidation Services Offered by Caring Transitions

If you are looking for household liquidation services for any reasons, our team at Caring Transitions with help you. Our household liquidation services include the following: senior relocation, corporate relocation, divorce relocation and many others. Our team is able to provide up-to-date software that will ease your relocation process. Here are a list of our relocation services: 

  • Managing a professional move
  • Strong organization and sorting of your items
  • Coordination in change of address with Social Security, post office, and utilities
  • Planning software
  • Staging your new home
  • Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and organizing your items
  • Access to our partners
  • Estate sale services
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Right-Sizing and Downsizing Services

At Caring Transitions of Alexandria, we believe in right-sizing. Our team of transition specialists want to help you believe in this too! As we know that every single item in your home has a special meaning, we make sure our team works patiently with you. Let us support you and your family as you are changing up your living space. While our team will help guide you in the right-sizing process, we will always respect your past. Here are the downsizing services that will be able the help you or a loved one:

  • Management and organization of paper documents
  • Decluttering services
  • Sorting and organizing services
  • Move management services
  • Liquidation of items
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Caring Transitions Estate Sale Services and Online Estate Sales

Here at Caring Transitions of Alexandria, we want to give the families the peace of mind by minimizing the stress and getting the most from either our estate sale of online estate sale services. Our team of transition specialists will help your family, clean, ship, store, and sell the personal items that you would like to get rid of. Here are the services our team provides: 

  • Direct oversee of the estate sale
  • Appraisals of the personal items
  • Access to our partners for painting and repairs
  • Removal of any unwanted trash or junk
  • Donation services
  • Access to our real estate agents
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We want to help! Please call our 24-hour call center at (703) 214-6772 or fill out our form to learn more about our downsizing, estate sale services, online estate auctions, and household liquidation services in Alexandria and the surrounding areas.